Rapé in Byron Bay

An Exploration of Sacred Shamanic Medicine

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Hi I am Cristina Arcila and in Byron Bay I offer is an adapted version of a Rapé ceremony and guided meditation using authentic "Rapé” also known as “Hapé" or "Rapeh" (a South American ceremonial snuff from the Amazon).

This Rapé meditation is intended to help:

  • Alleviate physical, emotional, and spiritual discomfort
  • Awaken intuition and support the purification of the pineal gland
  • Harmonize and rebalance your energy
  • Foster a connection with your heart, cultivating self-forgiveness and the ability to forgive others
  • Promote a sense of rootedness and grounding
  • Facilitate a connection with your higher self to empower the setting and realization of your intentions
Cristina Arcila

Introducing Cristina Arcila

Heya I'm Cristina. My initial encounter with a Rapé ceremony, (also known as Hapé), occurred four years ago. Rapé proved to be a potent medicine, triggering a profound energetic purging experience with my first encounter.

Upon opening my eyes, the world unfolded before me in high-definition vision, each element appearing sharper and more beautiful. I felt a profound connection with the Earth, as every detail served as a reminder of unity.

It's important to note that Rapé differs from other medicines, as it doesn't induce a psychedelic effect. Instead, it fosters a heightened awareness encompassing both body and mind. When used thoughtfully with a specific intention, Rapé facilitates grounding and clarity.

Through my experiences with Rapé, I've come to recognize its role as a transitional phase support. By grounding individuals and providing clarity, it empowers better intuitive decision-making.

What to expect in a Rapé session in Byron Bay…

Coming into the session we will discuss your intentions and any concerns or obstacles holding you back in life.

We’ll do a smudging to clear the space and set a prayer intention for the purpose of your ceremony-each ceremony is unique and no two are alike.

Rapé Ceremony
Hapé Ceremony Byron Bay
Rapé Ceremony Byron Bay

After which I’ll explain briefing the process of opening and receiving a “serving” of Rapé, and the balance between our masculine and feminine sides.

After receiving the servings of Rapé, I’ll support you in the release and receive process, whether that be aromatic sprays, gental massage, drumming, or a combination. We feel into the space and what is needed for you.

Would you like to try Rapé in Byron Bay?

Each Rapé session is $99
Time varies depending on needs of the individual from 45 to 60mins.

New clients

Please book a 15 minute free consultation to see if we are a good fit.

Existing clients

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If you prefer an alternative payment method, email seedsofthesunbyron@gmail.com.



Any energetic, intuitive, or private healing sessions offered are considered complementary modalities and are not intended to replace professional medical, psychiatric, or psychological care and advice. It is important to seek guidance and referrals from qualified physicians, psychiatrists, or psychologists if there are any concerns regarding these modalities, your health and treatments.

If you are experiencing thoughts of self-harm or harm towards others, it is crucial to speak directly with a psychologist and/or medical health professionals and refrain from seeking our treatments. Taking prompt action to address such concerns with licensed professionals is crucial for safeguarding your well-being. Cristina is not a medical professional but rather works with intuition and energetics through mind body connection. Do not substitute your treatments for any concerns around physical, emotional or mental health with our sessions but rather use it as “Personal Development”. 

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