aventurine crystal butt plug
blue jasper wand & aventurine crystal butt plug

Aventurine Crystal Butt Plug


Aventurine, the grounding crystal

Feel grounded and connected with our aventurine crystal butt plug. Aventurine balances the heart chakra by promoting love, compassion, and empathy. The crystal is said to stimulate sensuality and boost libido. It also promotes emotional balance and helps release blockages or traumas that may prevent physical pleasure. Allow yourself to fall into ecstasy while intensifying a deep and powerful sensation.

Our crystal butt plugs are carved from a single piece of aventurine, 8cm in length & 4cm at their widest.

All crystals come complete with a How To Guide & come wrapped in a silk Seeds of the Sun pouch, perfectly keeping your crystal safe & snug when not in use 🖤

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Aventurine crystal butt plug

Aventurine is said to help calm and soothe emotional turmoil, anxiety, and stress. It can help release negative patterns and facilitate emotional healing. Aventurine is believed to help with fertility, enhance the immune system, aid in circulation, and detoxify the body. This crystal is often used to balance and heal the heart chakra. It is believed to help release emotional blockages and promote love, compassion, and empathy.

How do I use a crystal butt plug?

Butt plugs are a great way to warm up to anal penetration or to be used with clitoral stimulation for a pleasure packed session with a partner. Your booty may be an erogenous zone you ignore, whether it is concerns about pain, taboo or nervousness. But the butt is a pleasure gateway to a new way of exploring your sexual desires and fun!

When starting off with anal play, please remember your partner receiving has the control. To begin, have gloves on, water-based lube and your favourite finger to start with. As you get more comfortable progress from smaller to bigger slowly!

Our crystal butt plugs are a perfect size for beginners and for the experienced who want a little more yum in the bedroom.

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